Web3 Bharat

A phygital Web3 community
of decentralized autonomous nodes.

Web3 Bharat

A phygital Web3 community
of decentralized autonomous nodes.

Who are We ?

Web3 Bharat (W3B) is a community that is bringing together curious minds pan India to spread awareness around Web3. The Objective is to setup a Web3 ecosystem in tier-2/3/4 cities of India so as to drive adoption by creating a network of Web3 creators and consumers.


Democratize web3 knowledge, resources & accessibilityand #buidl India's largestweb3 community to drive mass adoption.


To provide Education & Networking Opportunities to Bharat-wasis to build, grow & scale Web3.


Onboard 1 million users to web3 eco-system

What is Buidl Hub ?

Buidl Hub is W3B’s point of contact for web3 enthusiasts to reach out to us for knowledge, investments or any kind of web3 support possible. At these hubs, members, trained by w3b experts will drive the revolution from 2.0 to 3.0 by conducting meet-ups, events, webinars, pitch fests for everyone interested in web3 regardless of gender, age or race.

As we say it, “web3 is for everybody!” It is our duty to ensure it reaches everybody.
To achieve this and provide equal opportunities and resources to everyone, in its first phase, BUIDL Hubs will be established in all tier 2, 3, 4 cities of India. A Buidl Hub can be at any University, College, Co-working space or even started from a cafe!

How Buidl Hub Works ?

There are 4 streams that a Buidl Hub will look into


IRL meetups, In- Community Activities, Virtual Workshops


Build Web3 Products by collaborating with the community


Community comes together and hunt bounties & Grab Reward together


Buidl Hub will work with Web2 companies/Startups to help them transition to Web3 by providing technology services

Benefits of Buidl Hub

We are ONE, We focus on ONE




Grow with Web3Bharat

Buidl Hub

We aim to democratise web3 usage in India. Help us reach out to the masses by being a node of the ever expanding network

a Partner

Revolution can not be brought alone, join us in this expedition. Let’s explore these waters full of opportunities together

Invests in W3b/Grants

India has the potential to lead the world towards web3 with maximum number of people using it. It will only be faster with your aid.

Get the coolest web3 merchandise

Web3Bharat has partnered with AWWW to design exclusive Augmented Reality enabled web3 merch for our thriving community and enthusiasts across Bharat